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Carmen Ramirez Degollado
"Titita" as her friends call her, was born around 1940 in Xalapa, Veracruz, a place filled with the aroma of herbs, coffee, spices, corn and volcanic rock. It was at home where she learned how to cook for her family, getting involved in the vast cuisine of Veracruz. Later, when traveling through a prosperous and rich Mexico, she completely fell in love with traditional Mexican cuisine. Although she never thought of dedicating herself professionally to cooking, it was thanks to her husband Raúl and his friends that she decided to take her culinary sensibility to a restaurant in 1972, opening “El Bajío” in Cuitláhuac, Mexico City, a family dream.

Carmen "Titita" is an internationally acclaimed chef, ambassador of delicious Mexican flavors, promoter of customs around Mexican family dining rooms and a faithful spokesperson for culinary culture in Mexico. She focuses her activities on preserving the authentic Mexican cuisine flavor for the future generations.
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